The LORD'S Ministries

She was born and brought up in a nominal Christian family.  Her father is a business man and has two younger brothers.  When she was in her 10th grade, her father‘s business came to a stand still and got in debts with high interest rates. He was not able to repay any of the debts. The business was absolutely zero. At that time, as a family they decided to commit suicide. Her father went to many other so called gods too and tried every thing to restore his business. But all his efforts were in vain. On the day, they decided to commit suicide, her father just read on the cover page of a magazine that His arms are not too short nor His eyes blinded that He cannot help you... Isa 50:3. He challenged Jesus, if you are real God; provide for me and my family our daily meals. At that time, a miracle took place and God gave them the food for that day. And they postponed the thought of committing suicide. Later on in the same night, he father had a real encounter with Jesus where he repented for all the sins he committed and surrendered his life to Jesus. From that onwards, there was a real great change in their business and family life too. The next day God sent an evangelist to their house and started praying for them. As days passed, they were convicted of all their sinful ways and convinced that they need to follow Jesus at any cost. They got baptized as a family. Later God enabled her to complete her higher studies and she got married to pastor and now serving the Lord in Mysore. The God who saved her life is still leading her and providing for her family.