The LORD'S Ministries

Pastor Vinod Chacko

Born and brought up in a nominal Christian family. After my12th grade, I took a diploma in Hotel management. After the completion of the course, I joined in a hotel at Cochin in Kerala, which was one of the best ways to be led astray from God. And I did not know the true God so that became a good license for me to go in all worldly ways. I was addicted to smoking and drinking from a small age which again dragged my life and led me to lot of debts. During that time a believer came and joined our hotel and he used to share with me the gospel regularly. But I always turned a deaf ear to him and often scolded him very badly. But the God’s love in him pushed him to share the good news again and again. But still there was no change in my life. He knew that once God chooses any one, He will make some way to bring him in the kingdom of God.


Once from the hotel, as a team we had gone to a picnic at a waterfall. We had lot of drinks and we three friends went forward to sit separately little far and drink. Those two friends of mine were walking in front of me but my leg slipped into a big pit from where which big rock had been taken off. And I did not know to swim and I started drowning in the water. For the first time I somehow pushed and tried to come back but I couldn’t put my head on top of the water. The second time also the same thing happened, I was going down again. And the third time some how I tried with all my strength but only little portion of my hairs I could put above. I was going down I know that I don’t have any strength to come back again and I will be dying soon. I started seeing all the pictures of my family in my mind and was going down and I became unconscious. As for Abraham God prepared a ram on the top of the mountain, the same way even though I couldn’t see,  a miracle was happening on the top of the water. One of our team members who had passed by heard someone calling his name from behind. He turned back to see a little portion of my head and understood that somebody was drowning. And he was the only good swimmer of the team. He just rushed down and rescued me. He was telling that I was sleeping in the bed of the river and was literally dead. When I came up, the first question which hunted me was even though I was leading a bad life, then who is this person who loved me and kept my breath for one more second and gave me my life back. And after that I heard a sound that this life what you have is mine. I was really getting mad when I faced a helpless death and with these questions in my mind. Next week the believer who was in our hotel forced me to attend a meeting in his church. When we reached the church and it was the time of message. As soon as I reached I heard a word “I AM the Way, the Truth and The Life”. No body else other than Jesus has the power to give Life. It was Pastor Lalu Thomas in a church in Cochin. I got my real answer; I wept a lot and was on floor. I know a real repentance was going on in me; I was not the same when I left the hall. Totally changed stopped smoking and drinking and started attending all prayer services. After 6 months, I got baptized there in the same church under the leadership of Pastor Lalu Thomas. Soon after that God gave me a big shift, I got a job at Abu-Dhabi. This place was a real wilderness for me where I learned most important and basic principles of the Kingdom of God. I did not get even my salary which was promised and it became so hard for me to survive there. But I started fighting and praying to God and He taught me many principles there and the faithfulness of God and many more things. Soon I got a new job in Kuwait and all my debts were cleared and all my responsibilities fulfilled. The Spirit of God started to talk to me about the ministry. He just reminded a word which I heard at the time when I got my life back. The same voice what life I have is not of mine and what I could do for Him who saved me. I took a decision by His mighty Grace. I resigned my Job from Kuwait and came for full time ministry and since 2003 I am serving the Lord at Mysore.