The LORD'S Ministries

Pator Simon - Pastor In Charge

Pastor Simon was born and brought up in a nominal Christian family. He is the eldest son of his father. He never took his studies seriously and used to just go to school to pacify his parents. When he came to the 10th grade, he parents realized that their son did not know to read and write properly. He failed in his exam and stayed in the house doing all odd jobs. At this time, his parents and relatives used to mock him and called many a times useless man. Again the following year, he wrote the exam with a strong determination and 40 days fasting too. But he could not get through the exam. Then he made another person to appear for him the exam. But that person too could not clear the exam for him. He stopped going to church saying that I don’t need a God who cannot help me in spite of fasting and praying. He was very much frustrated with his life. One day when he was 18 years old, he got a tract of a Bible college (GFA) from a pastor and that inspired him to go to a Bible college. When he decided to go to the Bible College, his result came that he passed out the 10th grade. At that time, his parents refused to send him to the Bible College. But he was adamant with his decision. In the bible college, he received the salvation and started to read and write Kannada, his mother tongue. The Bible College was the turning point in his life that molded him and still leading him. There was no financial support from his parents, but God, the Jehovah Jireh helped him to complete his biblical studies. After completing his studies, he was serving the Lord in Hassan district of Karnataka. Later on, he wanted to do his B.Th and joined a Bible college in Goa. He faced lot of problems in the college as he did not know to read and write English. And he started praying about it; God helped him to complete the program with flying colors. And now he is serving the Lord with strong conviction in Mysore. And he is the pastor in charge, whom God is using powerfully.

Pastor Shyju - Worship in Charge

He was born in a Catholic family and is the eldest son of the house. His grandfather got saved long back and used to share the word Of God with his father. His father started reading the word of God and God spoke to him and he surrendered his life completely to Jesus. From then the all the children were brought up under the compliance of the Word of God. From the college itself, he was having a desire to serve the Lord. But wanted to work and lead a good life too without any struggles. He went for many jobs but in all places he faced failure. He lost all peace and started seeking God about it. This made him realize the calling in his life and submitted to the Ministry and went to Bible College and is now pastoring the church and leading in worship.