The LORD'S Ministries


The Lord’s House is in the city of Mysore, which is in southern state of India, Karnataka. The Lord’s House belongs to the New India church of God, an indigenous New Testament church. We as a family started this city church with a God given vision in the year 2006. He told us to shift to city from a village where we served the Lord for 4 years. Amidst of all persecution and troubles, God enabled us to stand here. We had no definite place for worship and were chased out of many places. And there was a time, where we had to stop the worship even because of the state law which stopped all the house churches. But God was with us through all the tough times and today only by His grace we have rented a beautiful hall in the heart of city for conducting worship.


TL-H has cell group system which is known as SEED group [leaders group] and PEACE group [cell group of the each leader].


Our Sunday worship is conducted at the

Agni Abhishek,

2nd Floor,

Rao’s Compound,

Opp. RT Office,

RTO Circle

It’s the second building on the right side of the double road [RTO circle to Court] next to country vacation’s office


SUNDAY -10 .30 Am TO 12.30 Am


WEDNESDAY 7.00 Pm- 8.30 PM


FRIDAY 10.30 Am 12.30Am


We believe teach in church three type of important giving

  • Tithe
  • Offerings
  • Inspirational giving
  • Missionary support
  • Donation for Children’s home